Thursday, May 04, 2006

The day justice has died

(thanks to darth misha for filling me in on this)

So.... I came home from work after working a longer than normal shift, and completely staggering from exhuaustion, when i log onto the Rott, and what do i see? THIS!
Most of what I woudl say was already said by Darth Misha. I also made a few choice comments.
Why. thats what I want to know., Why is it that you decide to let a man who KILLED 3000 + INNOCENT lives of men, women, AND children! yes, Youngins. People with lives. People who are an influential part of other peoples lives, either by knowikng them in person or even knowing them on the interenet.

Im really shocked, and at a loss for words, for once in my life. Yet at the same time, im not shocked. I half expected this. At least he wasnt tried here in Wisconsin, for we have no death penalty. (but i hear that they are trying to bring it back. and If its up for vote, IM VOTING FOR IT.)

Now, I read somewhere that it supposedly costs less to keep soemone alive in jail till they die, than to kill them. Odd, i dindt know that bullets were that expensive. And that is what they should bring back. Firing Squad. at least Utah has the right idea.

working tomorrwo is not going to be easy, especially if i hear someone tell me , oh good, killing is wrong. I hate my professional courtousy at times.



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